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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who is Cappoz?
Cappoz is a company located in Uruguay and registered as an investment advisor. The company is regulated by Uruguay’s Central Bank. Cappoz is specialized in offshore investments’ market, with a long-time experience and quality supporting the clients to find the best suitable investments institutions and products.
2. What does Cappoz do?
Cappoz is an investment assistant, acting as an assets manager or investment dealer. We look for the best financial institutions so we can deliver the best products and services to the client.
3. As a client, do I need to open an account and send the money to Cappoz?
No. Cappoz is just an assistant and dealer. The money is sent directly from client to the financial institution (Bank).
4. How can I open the account?
It is a simple and fast process. For more information follow the link.
5. How long it takes, mostly, to open an account?
If all documents are ok, it will take 24 hours.
6. When I open the account on Saxo Bank, it means I have now a danish account?
That’s correct! The money goes straight to your account in Denmark.
7. Is there any cost for opening or closing an account on Saxo Bank?
No there isn’t.
8. How do I send the Money to my account at Saxo Bank?k?
Once your account is open, you will be informed of your IBAN code. IBAN is an alphanumeric code to identify European accounts for international money transfers.
9. What markets can I trade through Saxo Bank platform?
It depends of the kind of asset you trade. There are over 30.000 assets available. Click here to see the list.
10. I am searching for products and market's informations. Would you help me?
It will be a pleasure! We invite you to access our educational platform, where you’ll find papers and videos to help you.
11. Who rules Saxo Bank?
Saxo is a Danish bank established in 1992, run and ruled by danish and european agencies.
12. What kind of risks am I exposed?
The risk varies according to the kind of your investment (stock, commodity, ETFs, ect). We remind you that Saxo Bank is a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund, which guarantees EUR 100.000,00 maximum in account.
13. Pricing and Fees
14. What are the accepted documents to open an account?
Valid RG or Passaport
Proof of residence within 6 months, below a list of accepted documents:
  • Utility Bill
  • Telephone Bill
  • Credit card bill (Amex not accepted)
15. How long does it take for the wire transfer to credit in the account?
It can vary how long it takes to receive funds, it depends on the routing of the payment done by the remitting bank.
If funds are not received within 5 business days, please contact your bank (the Remitter) and ask for a copy of the SWIFT. Send the SWIFT message to our Treasury department at atendimento@cappoz.com, and we will forward to Saxo.
16. What is the minimum ammout to open an account?
The minimum amount is U$ 5,000.00.
17. Does Saxo provide macroeconomic research and reporting?
Yes, Saxo publishes quarterly economic reports on the latest news and developments in the financial markets.
Saxo also provides a wide range of financial news, reports, reviews and opinion articles on macro trends and specific markets on Saxo's social networking platform (www.tradingfloor.com).
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